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August 8, 2022

pin header and female header basic introduction

  • pin header and female header basic introduction
  • Female header is a kind of connector, and its English name is female header.This kind of connector is widely used in PCB circuit boards in electronics, electrical appliances and instruments. Its function is to act as a bridge between blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, and undertake the task of current or signal transmission.It is usually used together with the pin header to form a plate-to-plate connection; Or it can be used together with the electronic harness terminal to form a board to line connection; It can also be used for board to board connection independently.Because the specifications required by different products are not the same, there are many models and specifications of the female header.

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  • female header is widely used in vehicle monitoring, instrumentation, Internet of things, new energy vehicles, LED display fields, POS machines and scanners, lighting industry, security industry, electronic toys, household appliances, etc., providing the most reliable connection board to board and line to board.


    Current Rating (额定电流):1.0Amps
    Withstanding Voltage (耐电压):AC 500Vmin/Minute
    Insulation Resistance(绝缘电阻):1000MΩ Min
    Contact Resistance (接触电阻):20 mΩ MAX
    Operation Temperature(工作温度):-40℃to+105℃
    Material (材料)>>>
    Plastic material (塑胶材质):PA6T/PA9T/LCP+30%G.F
    Color (颜色):Black、White、blue、Special
    Insrlator Material(绝缘材料):Polyester(UL94V-0)
    Contact Material (接触材料) :Brass
    Contact Plating (接触电镀):Au Or Sn over 40u" Ni
    Max.Processing Temp(焊接温度): 230°C for 30-60 seconds
    (260°C for 10 seconds)

There are many factors affecting the price, usually the most influential ones are gold plating, terminal structure, etc



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