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January 21, 2022

Advantages and selection of industrial connectors

Advantages and selection of industrial connectors

Connectors are widely used. In power plants, especially in Outdoor Switchgear, industrial connectors play their unique performance. Frequently exposed to the sun, wind, dust, rain and ice, provide a safe connection for the control cabinet.

On the robot, it is also inseparable from the connector. Due to the existence of connectors, the robot becomes easier to operate and automation.

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In the production process, such as 3-5-axis machining center for CNC control, boring, milling and drilling machinery, the multi axis linkage CNC system is inseparable from the connector to open the USB, TCP / IP network, DNC processing and data transmission.

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In fact, lathe, plastic processing machinery, printing press, metal processing and wood processing machinery, electric crane, semiconductor production equipment, food, beverage processing and packaging machinery will use connectors to realize the machine connection of power supply, signal and data.


1、 Advantages of connectors

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First, the bridge function of the connector and its convenience. The connection function of the connector changes the spacing disadvantage of the overall excessive space and connects the combination of large space, so as to realize the connection between three-dimensional planes and the unity of planes. This is the biggest advantage of the connector, which is simple and convenient.

Secondly, the connector is simple and compact. Once a connection problem is found, it is easy to repair and replace; Moreover, the upgrading speed of the connector is fast, and the repair and replacement of internal components can be realized, which is of more significance for the cost saving and safety assurance of the whole project. Thirdly, it is easy to maintain and upgrade.

Finally, the flexible design of the connector is also one of the main criteria that we choose. The connector's design is small, easy to install, easy to remove, and ensures its safety and integrity. This deeply embodies the classic theory that condensation is the essence.

Therefore, as an electromechanical component, the connector plays a great role in our life. It provides a bridge connecting systems, subsystems or components to transmit signals or energy. It is an indispensable product of electrical and electronic products, realizes the combination of this bank and the other bank, and supports the smooth passage of the whole road like a bridge. Since the connector is so important, how can we choose a favorite connector in practical application?


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